Monday, April 20, 2009


i've been debating whether i should have a dj or just an ipod play during the reception. i know for sure that i want a 4 string quartet to play during the ceremony but the reception...who knows. here are my pros and cons:

-we choose the music/playlist (babe is very big into music and is very stubborn when it comes to his playlists)
- free!

-someone has to press play, pause, stop during any speeches etc. this alone gives me anxiety attacks.
-there's no one to feel the mood of the crowd so what if when everyone is eating you hear a crazy, obnoxious dance song? or an extremely mellow sad song when people are in the mood to dance?

- there is a person to feel the mood of the crowd, and can help people get pumped up/pumped down during certain times. this will help so i'm not out there dancing by myself!
- this person will control all of the audio levels during the speeches, etc.
-i won't have to worry if people liked my choices in music!

-what if he/she sucks

i actually found a wedding dj who has his own blog which you can find here.
he posts his playlists on his blog and so far the music seems pretty good. i've posted samples below. he also creates monthly compilation cds and sends them out to anyone who asks. i hope to get mine in may. once i do, i'll let you know if its any good.

a sample playlist for the cocktail hour/dinner:

for the dance party/reception:

found these here

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