Tuesday, April 28, 2009

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found this via stylemepretty who found it on paper+cup

these are the CUTEST details that i've ever seen for a wedding.

here is some background info for the inspiration:
"It was 1983, Minhee was new in her 4th grade class. She asked her mom to bring some cupcakes to celebrate her summer birthday during the last day of school. So her mother came and with delight started serving Minhee's birthday treats. However to Minhee's dismay, they were not the cupcakes she asked for. All the kids started to make fun of the traditional korean treats that Minhee's mom brought. However, there was one boy named Truman that just so loved the korean treats. He saw that Minhee felt sad and decided to eat as much as he can. He thanked Minhee's mom and continued to stuff his tiny stomach."

How CUTE is that? i wish my boyfriend and i had some interesting story we could incorporate into our wedding. i'll have to think of one.


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