Thursday, April 16, 2009

my almost perfect location

as stated in my previous post, i first started this wedding madness with a simple search for location. i soon found that it is going to be much harder to find the "perfect" wedding location as i envision it in my head, which is like this:

green luscious landscape surrounded by mountains with wildflowers blooming all over the place-kinda like this:

sans julie andrews 

with a rustic small white chapel right in the middle like so:


i soon found these things were hard to find in southern california, especially the green part until i found the Figueroa Mountain Farmhouse (pics below). i literally almost cried when i saw the pictures. this was even better than the image in my head and it was just a couple of hours north in the town of los olivos! this place is completely isolated, surrounded by hills, very green (well in certain seasons anyways- i want a spring wedding), and tons of land! (150 acres). the more i think about it, i don't really want to get married in a chapel or church since neither me nor my boyfriend are that religious. i think an outdoor wedding would suit us much better. the farmhouse is also plenty rustic and i definitely want that rustic/outdoorsy/green/garden feel to my wedding. look at these amazing pics:


pic courtesy of emily

you get the point. well it turns out Sam, who hopefully will let us all know in detail in her next post, knew a couple who was married here and the location didn't turn out so well. apparently when the guests sat down the chairs started sinking into the ground which i'm sure is very uncomfortable. also the drive up there was pretty long and windy which could be a headache for the guests especially at night. an option to offset that would be to use shuttles but that's extra cost and i think it still would be a hassle for the guests. so that kinda sucks but i think its worth checking out in person, if i ever get engaged.

so my search is still ongoing. i heard that charmlee wilderness park in malibu was pretty green and nice. i'll find out more info/pics and write about that in a separate post.



  1. my parents love to go hiking/walking around charmlee.

  2. i actually just went to charmlee and walked around for 20 minutes and i have no idea what that website (don't remember which website now) is talking about. its really beautiful up there but i couldn't find any place to a wedding! its all hiking trails (obviously) with no large flat area where i could envision a ceremony or reception. grrr, my location scouting continues! i'm going to start looking south.