Wednesday, April 22, 2009


oh my goodness, i just found the CUTEST necklace that i need to buy as soon as i get my paycheck tomorrow :)

Meg Moorhouse, designer from Brooklyn, CUSTOM makes these silhouette necklaces in sterling silver, 18k gold vermeil, or 14k solid gold with a 16 inch chain to match. you send in a digital image of your desired silhouette and your new necklace will arrive within 4 weeks. she will also do personalized engravings on the charm.

now i can wear my boyfriend around my neck all day, every day :)

this could be a great bridesmaids' gift too... give them a silhouette of themselves as necklaces- is that weird? to wear your own silhouette around your neck?

buy these for $148 at candy store collective


  1. you never struck me as the kind of lady that would wear scott's name around your neck. I think you should get him one instead!

    while i think jewelery to your lovely friends is a wonderful idea i don't know what i think about wearing my face on my neck. :)

  2. when i first saw this, i totally was thinking of making my boyfriend wear this until i realized this was a necklace ha! i wouldn't have his name engraved on it, just his silhouette :)