Tuesday, April 28, 2009

green gift ideas for the couple and the guest

i'm sorry it took so long for me to write my next post. i think i wrote so much in my first week that i was struck with a creative block. but no need to worry, i'm going to post a bunch right now!

my friend who is going to a wedding this weekend sent me this nice little link. its filled with tons of great green, eco-friendly gift ideas. i'll provide some highlights below:

changingthepresent.org offers thousands of donation gifts from Inspire Dreams- 15 books for kids ($45), Equip a household- give seeds and supplies ($100), and Adopt a Jaguar- Support a conservation project ($35). now who doesn't want their own jaguar?

couples can also give a gift of charity when creating a registry with I Do Foundation Gift Registry. when creating a registry, you provide your guests by picking up a gift for you while donating up to 8% to your chosen charity.

Guests can create a gift basket of sustainable household items such as organic cotton towels, compact flourescenet light bulbs and more at National Green Pages.

or guests can plant a tree with Trees for the Future's certificates. they will give you a tree planting kit where you can plant your own tree or sponsor the planting of 250 trees in Haiti, Senegal, or Ethiopia.

couples can provide green gifts for their wedding party:

for the ladies- you can create a quality gift basket through global exchange. Global exchange works with Women Around The World Gift Basket to create a collection of goodies that benefits women and girls around the world by helping to end violence towards women and girls.

for the men- Ten Thousand Villages has a great assortment for guy gifts that include a Guatemalan camera bag and onyx chess sets.

there are tons of more ideas at green elegance weddings.

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