Wednesday, April 22, 2009

candles and wood

so great to place on top of your reception tables. and its a fun diy project. see below for details


1. Locate your log’s most handsome region. Note any knots or blemishes that could add texture or make the wood difficult to cut.

2. Secure the log in a vise.

3. Saw off a disc-shaped piece of wood at the depth of your preference. (Anything less than 3/4” and your candle will wobble.)

4. Place the side you want to face down on some a piece of scrap wood and clamp the disc into place.

5. Select the bit size that matches the diameter of the candles you plan to use.

6. Drill a candle hole 1/2” to 3/4” deep in your desired location.

7. Remove the candleholder from the clamp and clear away any dust.

8. Line the candle hole with foil to avoid setting the house on fire.

9. Insert your candle and light up.

found on readymade