Monday, April 20, 2009

1950's here i come.

do you ever go online shopping?  you put a few things in the cart and then your hand takes control of you and click out.  i'm not quite sure if thats Suze Orman telling us "dont do it - you dont need it!" or if thats me thinking "what if it doesnt fit? what if the color is hideous? how do i return it?  

well, is the perfect example of what im talking about.  i love love love the 1950s.  i love the tulle.  i love the feminity. i love the colors.  i wish we could all dress like that all the time.  i have been looking for bridal shower and rehersal dinner dresses
for a while now and all i want is a mid length big tulle dress.  i click, i put in, i click out, its no longer avail.  one day i will type in the credit card numbers.  in the meantime, check out what im talking about.  sigh.

1 comment:

  1. I absolutely <3 the middle yellow one. that would look so good on you! just do it, input those credit card #s!