Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dresses for the Bridesmaids

i know for certain that i want different dresses for the bridesmaids and i definitely want them to choose their dress, within reason of course. i haven't decided on a color palette but i know i want green in there for sure so i want the bridesmaids dresses do be in two or three shades of green. i want to provide my bridesmaids with those shades and they can choose any gown they want in those shades exactly. and i would want to see them before they buy it of course.

i just really feel that mixed dresses match so much better and look better than dresses that are exactly the same. and i want my bridesmaid to look beautiful and get a dress that they would wear multiple times, not only to my wedding. and girls have different body types, not all dresses look good on all girls.

here are some examples of mixed dresses. don't these just match nicely?

pics courtesy of martha stewart weddings

here is an example of what i do not want. don't the looks above look so much better than the below? i think so:

pic courtesy of martha stewart weddings

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