Thursday, April 23, 2009

candy buffet

i am posting a little more info on a diy candy buffet to add to sam's post. below are image examples of candy buffets along with some important information on how to create your own, courtesy of junebug:

instructions from junebug as well- thank you!

Planning your own DIY candy buffet? Here are a few of our top tips to make it a success:

  • Candy buffets are as much decorations as they are yummy favors, so you’ll want to have enough candy to create an abundant presentation.
  • A varying selection of large and small glass vases, bowls, and platters makes a charming candy buffet presentation.
  • Choose five to ten varieties of candy and purchase several pounds of each depending on the size of your wedding and the look you’re going for.
  • Don’t go under one-quarter to one-half a pound of candy per person, or you many run too low.
  • Small Chinese food–style take-out containers, vellum or clear plastic envelopes tied with ribbon, or pretty tins make excellent take-home containers for your candy buffet.
  • Include a small metal scoop in each large candy jar for easy use.
  • Label each kind of candy, especially those containing nuts, so your guests can choose wisely in case of health concerns.
  • Hard or wrapped candies work well in warmer climates, but the best choices are candies that you personally love and think your guests will appreciate.
  • Possible treats for great candy buffets include jelly beans, licorice ropes, M&Ms, gummy candies, sour gummy candies, malted milk balls, lollipops, saltwater taffy, hard candy sticks, rock candy, vintage candy necklaces and bracelets, gum balls, gumdrops, conversation hearts, chocolate kisses, and chocolate-covered cherries, almonds, pretzels, and espresso beans.
and as sam posted before, here are some shops:

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