Thursday, April 16, 2009


hello world!

welcome to my blog. 

let me start at the beginning (i promise it will be short as i tend to ramble when i write!). my name is crystal and I am NOT engaged...yet! I have been going out with my boyfriend for 6 years, i know right!? and i am just waiting for the day when he finally proposes. until then i've decided to dabble in a little wedding research. at first it was just for fun to see if i could come up with any location ideas, then it evolved into a full blown obsession. so here i am now creating my first blog devoted to weddings. i've read plenty of other blogs and decided i would like to write my own, mainly to store all of the research, imagery, inspiration, ideas in one central location that i can keep organized and share with friends and anyone else who is interested (hopefully potential new friends :) )

since this is my first blog ever, i apologize in advance for any blogging etiquette i might mess up or my rambling!

oh also, i plan to recruit friends who are like me, not yet engaged but obsessed, and friends who are engaged and in the midst of wedding planning to become frequent writers in this post. my main contributing editor will be Sam. you will definitely hear from her soon. 


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