Wednesday, April 22, 2009

bridal bootcamp.

this posting cracked me up and is as if i wrote it myself.  thought i would share...

Jess makes a plan to tone up & slim down before the big day.

By Jessica Solloway

My wedding is six months away and that wave of panic about losing weight just hit me. I don't need to do anything drastic, but I definitely want to look, well ... awesome, to be blunt. I won't go crazy and live on a diet of lettuce with lemon juice until the big day, (who am I kidding, I couldn't even if I tried), but I definitely need to get my game face on when it comes to eating right and working out more.   

A few obstacles:

1) I love cheese, chocolate and carbs. 
2) I can't afford a personal trainer.
3) I feel like I do the same thing at the gym all the time and I'm not seeing any results. 

Here's my plan of attack (I just started last week):

1) Pretend I'm allergic to all of the foods listed above. So far, that has not been a successful tactic. Still working on it. (For real -- I am just trying to do low fat versions of cheese and not eat as much.) 

2) Instead of shelling out money on a personal trainer, I have been discreetly watching OTHER people with their personal trainers at the gym and then I copy what they're doing. Don't worry, I stay very low profile as not to appear creepy. 

3) The best thing EVER that has helped me vary up my workouts (and also solve the lack of personal trainer issue) is my recent discovery of Exercise TV on demand. It's free, and there are TONS of workouts to choose from. So far, I'm really into the Skinny Bitch Boot Camp, Bootyliscious Buns and the 30 Day Shred

Sidenote: I spend most of the workouts cursing Jillian Michaels and wondering how she can talk while she exercises when I am struggling just to breathe. But as I've learned from from her, we have to force the body to adapt, or we'll never see change. (So far, my body HATES when I force it to adapt to insane amounts of push-ups, but I'm trying.) 

All of my friends say that as it gets closer to the wedding, the adrenaline kicks in and you lose weight without even trying. Sweeeeet! Sign me up! 

Aside from focusing on my new diet and exercise regimen, I am heading to Cleveland and have a bunch of appointments set up. I'm going to meet my floristsee where I'm getting married, and do a cake tasting! 

I also have my best friend's wedding shower, so it will be good practice for my own. 

I'll let you guys know how it goes next week! And if you have any good pre-wedding workout ideas, please leave a comment below! 

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