Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Cayucos Creek Barn- San Luis Obispo (i think!)

i also found this location on green wedding shoes

photos by sissel byington

i'm loving these barn weddings. i kinda wish it was greener but it might be the season this wedding was in. i'm hoping spring would have more green meadows. this place also has a portable firepit so i love that this couple decided to have build your own smores for their guests!

here is some info:
$2500 for the whole weekend! this is what i was expecting for a barn!

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  1. cayucos creek barn review
    The barn is a charming, rustic, ramshackle place and is perfect for a shabby chic wedding if you don't mind the junk lying around the grounds and if you're good at dealing with difficult people. Unfortunately, the owner is a very unprofessional business person. He promised some things before my daughter signed the contract for her wedding. Then after the contract was signed, he reneged on a few details; tried to change the price and the number of hours the barn had been rented for; was generally unavailable when she needed to contact him; and tried to charge her for "decor items" (hay bales) left behind by the previous bride (who also told us that she didn't get her cleaning deposit back...which made us laugh since the owner's "standards" appear to be very lax)!

    Because the barn rental price has increased a lot, you really should consider the additional time, energy and money you'll have to expend arranging and renting supplies... because you WON"T BE GETTING much service: there's no on-site catering; no set-up or clean-up crew; no oven, fridge, china, flatware, glasses, etc.; no drawing of the barn with exact measurements (the barn has several level changes, doors, etc. you have to work your seating around); no decent chairs (just metal folding chairs) and so on.